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Any imported or exported green coffee bean passes the international standard of coffee quality set by the International Coffee Organization. Every batch of coffee shipped overseas is graded based on the size, color, number of defects present in every batch of sample. Harvesting coffee can be really challenging but the post-harvest processes are a lot more difficult, especially during a bad crop year when coffee trees are plagued with diseases. Post-harvest process is a technical term that refers to the procedure or manner of handling farm produce after being harvested. With coffee, the post-harvest process can be daunting and it requires enough facility to effectively implement the processes.


After coffee berries are harvested, they must be depulped within 10 hours to prevent fermentation. Using a Depulping machine, the outer skin of the berries are removed so that the slimy, parchment beans are produced.

Washing and Fermentation 

After depulping coffee berries, the beans are washed and fermented for 12 to 24 hours. The purpose of this is to remove the mucilage. There should be a fermentation tank where coffee beans will be soaked and washed from time to time to remove the mucilage.


Once the mucilage is removed, the parchment beans are now ready to be dried. Depending on the weather, drying takes 5 to 7 days. Using a moisture meter, measure the moisture level of coffee before you sack them. The standard moisture level is between 9 and 13.


This is the process where the parchment is removed so that green beans are revealed.

Sorting and Classification

Green beans are sieved to get uniform sizes per sack of 60 kilos. Based on the grading chart, coffee defects are removed or counted so that appropriate grades are given i.e. Class AAA or Grade 1; Class AA or Grade 2, etc.

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